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British Military Iraq Medal (OpTelic)

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Materials: Made with 7 Strand 550 Paracord of the highest quality and standard • Handmade in the United Kingdom • Strong, lightweight, durable, hard wearing • Washable and quick drying, will not rot or mildew

Badge: Can include the badge of your Regiment, Battalion or Unit, a Veterans Badge, a Remembrance Wild Poppy or the Union Jack for an additional cost

Bracelet Dimensions: Mens: length: variable • width: 2cm • depth: 1cm • Ladies: length: variable • width: 1.5cm • depth: 0.75cm • Comes with a strong plastic clasp (as standard) or a metal clasp (for an additional cost) • Please note that bracelets less than 15cm will not support a badge or metal clasp, as they are too small • Comes plain or with an optional badge

Key Fob Dimensions: Length: 15cm including end rings / 18.5cm with 'S' clasp • width: • Comes plain or with an optional badge

Lanyard Dimensions: Length: 64cm (may vary due to weave) • width: • Comes plain or with an optional badge

Camera Strap Dimensions: Length: adjustable wrist strap 22cm / cord 35cm • width: hand strap • Badge not included

Postage & Packaging: Please ensure you select the correct postage and packaging option, as we will not be able to post the item until the correct postage and packaging has been paid in full. In the event of an error, we will contact you and request payment for the difference

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